Follies Building Shapes

Kids love to build and create new things. They can spend hours creating different shapes with card box. A Company called Follies offers a building toy made of 100% non-toxic, recyclable plastic that gets kids to create their own play space.

Designed by architect Chloe Varelidi, follies was conceived as an affordable and creative alternative to playgrounds.   The Company worked with educators to design a product that gets kids to develop their STEM skills. Playing with follies helps children to develops math, engineering, and spatial skills.

Children just have to connect the pieces together to create large-size structures anywhere they want. Follies is for age 4 and up and is perfect for indoor and outdoor play.

Each kit includes 15 Large Pieces (7 square pieces are 16in x 16in x 1/4in ), 20 Connectors (4in x 4in x 1/4in) and 10 Bases (4in x 2in x 1/4in).  The pieces are offered in 5 colors; red, yellow, white, black, and blue.

Follies is available on kickstarter for $99

Image Source PlayFollies

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