BoxThrone Modular Board Game Shelving System

When organizing board games, most people keep them in their boxes and stack them in the closet. As we all know, boxes take up space. So how do you organize your board games to provides optimal space saving?

BoxThrone offers a smart modular shelving system that lets you store every game flat and can fit any space.

Because the shelving system is modular, so you can add or remove shelf as you want. Each game have its own shelf and allow you to slide games in and out easily because this innovative displays.

Each BoxThrone hold up to 20 games. If you add a bridge shelves between two Double BoxThrone you can go up to 120 games.

The pillars are double-notched, meaning you can bridge BoxThrone together by simply adding shelves between units.

You can put games of any size because the shelf slots are adjustable and have an average space of 2-7mm above them. Some box sizes will have a gap as small as 1-2mm when shelved.

The BoxThrone is mostly powder-coated metal. The bases are made from high-grade, furniture-quality ABS. It’s easy to move around because of it’s lightweight design.

You can also add the deluxe hanging playmat holder to store your favorite playmats. You can store up to six playmats, with or without tubes.

Do you have figurine to display? You can add clear acrylic toppers to turn BoxThrone into a miniature display case. 

BoxThrone is offers in black, white, red, blue, grey and brown.

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