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In a pandemic where lockdowns are common and you spend most of your time at home, you need to find ways to fight boredom at times. One of the more beneficial activities you can do during lockdowns is exercise. You can take care of your health while you try to do something meaningful with your time. If you have concerns how and where you can start, you can consider using some of the workout apps now available. Here are some of the best ones you can try.

Peloton App

This app offers you both live and recorded workouts that you can make use for your own program. There are different classes available, all developed and led by professional workout coaches. Classes are divided into activity types such as strength, cardio, meditation, and more. A lot of the workouts available only require minimal equipment to follow or even none at all.

The Peloton app offer both indoor and outdoor workouts. The latter are available in audio-form so you can follow the class through your headphones from your phone as you move out there. The Peloton app is available with a 30-day free trial for the wide range of classes available. If you wish to continue, you can then get a Digital Membership subscription for around $13 per month. 

FitBit Coach

The FitBit Coach app is mainly developed to work together with a FitBit range of wearable fitness devices. But the workout programs can also be used without one. But when the app is launched first, you may need to sign up for a FitBit account. After that, you may then have to go through an eight-minute fitness test to evaluate your current fitness status. Once that’s done, you can then pick from the different workout programs available that cater to your personal fitness goals.

The FitBit Coach offers free options where you can follow workouts with clear video instructions from qualified fitness coaches. If you are looking for personalized workout plans, there is also a FitBit Coach Premium subscription that costs around $10 per month. The subscription will also give you additional workout programs from a wider pool of trainers as well as access to more music stations to accompany you on your daily fitness program.  

Nike Training Club  

If you do not wish to have a subscription to any workout program, then you can try the Nike Training Club app. With this app, you can have a free access to a wide range of fitness programs that help you achieve your fitness goals. The app requires you to register and determine your activity levels. Once that’s done, the app the offers a set of workouts as well as their durations that might be well suited for your needs.

You can also browse through the wide array of workout content based on workout type or muscle group. You can also choose to follow some short workout programs that do not require any equipment. Each workout program may need to be downloaded before you can follow them and do not come with the app. It also requires you to have an active internet connection.

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