Bear Walker x Pokémon Series II Skateboard

On September 22, 2020, Pokémon Center x Bear Walker Series 2 skateboard released five new boards. Fans eagerly bought up the first series of Pokemon boards when they released February 11.

The Pokémon Company and high-end cruiser manufacturer Bear Walker collaborated to release premium wood-carved skateboards exclusively available at the Pokémon Center’s online store. These 29” skateboards priced at $249.99 a piece featured various fan-favorite Pokémon —all handcrafted and artfully designed by Bear Walker.

The first set of boards predominantly focused on the most popular Pokemon: Pikachu, Charizard, Mewtwo, Gengar, and Gyarados. While the Serie II focused on Toxtricity, Rayquaza, Umbreon, Togepi, and Mew. It certainly opens up the possibilities for a potential third serie!

Walker’s skateboards are unique from the average deck. Walker’s boards have no grip tape and come with gorgeous artwork carved into the top side of the board. Walker eliminated the need for grip tape by using a special carving method to cut the wood, allowing designs to be placed on top of the board rather than the bottom.

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