BagCam Is Luggage With A Built-In Camera

Traveling nowadays has become quite stressful. Aside from the additional requirements and restrictions brought about by the pandemic, there are still other issues such as lost luggage that can be quite frustrating. There are times when you cannot always keep a close eye on your luggage. But technology is giving you a means to do just that with the new BagCam.

The BagCam is a high-tech luggage for travelers who wish to have their eyes on their things. This bag comes with a built-in camera able to provide a 180-degree viewing range at 720p resolution. It also comes with motion sensor features that will activate the camera once it changes position to record videos or take pictures. The presence of the camera itself on top of the luggage cover will become an effective luggage theft deterrent as well.

Using an app from your Android or iOS phone, the BagCam can also live stream video to your phone. The video is stored in the cloud so you can play it back later. The BagCam is also equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G as well as LTE connectivity. Other security features of the BagCam include a 90-decibel alarm that will sound out when other people try to move it. It also comes with a built-in GPS tracker so that you know     

Its location in case you actually lose it during a trip. While there is no word yet on when it will be available or its expected price, the BagCam will surely be something that frequent travellers will surely welcome. But that will come sometime in the near future when more and more people are free to travel again. 

Image Source: BagCam

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