Zuta Labs Pocket Printer

Zuta Labs Pocket PrinterPrinters today never have changed that much in terms of features. With the exception of newer portable printers, they make use of the same functions to print images and text into paper. And one other thing, they are usually just connected to a single device in order to print. But that may be about to change as Zuta Labs introduces the Pocket Printer.

The Zuta Labs Pocket Printer is actually a little robotic printer that can print images on paper in moves around on. It is a unique and novel way of printing that other printers have not yet tried. What makes it also unique is that users can connect their devices to it via WiFi in order to use the Pocket Printer. Users can then send images, photos or documents to the Pocket Printer for printing. Users can also send them through an accompanying app downloaded on their smartphones or tablets in order to use the Pocket Printer.

The Zuta Labs Pocket Printer currently only prints using black ink. It does the job by going over paper and moves along as it prints. Users need to align the printer on one edge of the paper before pressing “Print”. The job is complete when the Pocket Printer reaches the other edge of the paper. It also comes with a rechargeable battery that can do printing jobs for one hour on a full charge. The ink cartridge is replaceable with new ones made available at the Zuta Labs website. Recently introduced at CES 2015, the Zuta Labs Pocket Printer has also recently undergone a successful Kickstarter campaign. It is currently available for pre-order at the Zuta Labs website for around $199. This mini robotic printer is expected to be available around September of this year.

Image Source: Zuta Labs

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