Zune Marketplace shuts down November 22

Zune Marketplace

Zune Marketplace

The Zune, Microsoft’s attempt to beat the iPod, is slowly becoming irrelevant. The company has announced it will stop selling and renting media content on Zune Marketplace beginning November 22, and will no longer allow the remaining Zune users to browse TV content as well.

The only trace left of Zune after the Marketplace shutdown would be the remaining hardware that Microsoft tries to sell and the Zune desktop software. Microsoft confirms to TechCrunch’s Alex Wilhelm that Zune users could still keep using both and listen to music they outright own.

Meanwhile, if you have remaining Microsoft Points in the Zune Marketplace, you can convert it into local currency and spend it in Xbox Video and Music stores.

The Microsoft Zune had a lot of promise when it was first released in 2008. However, not only it became a victim of the iPod, but also of the iPhone and its built-in media player. The launch of streaming apps such as Spotify further crushed Zune and its Zune Marketplace.

On that note, it has been nice to know you, Microsoft Zune.

Source: Xbox.com, via TechCrunch

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