Zune HD 64 Comes Out on April 12

Now that the secret’s out , Microsoft has announced that the Zune HD 64 will hit retail on April 12.  The 64GB media player will feature several color options such as platinum, black, blue, and magenta, plus a very reduced price of US$349.99.  Meanwhile, its 16GB and 32GB cousins will also be stripped $20 from their price tags to $199.99 and $269.99, respectively.

With the Zune HD 64, users can store up to 16,000 songs or 20 hours of high-def videos from the Zune Marketplace, or up to 25,000 photos.  It still has that OLED multitouch screen, built-in HD radio, HD video out, and Internet browser.

What’s even more exciting is that Microsoft will also offer firmware updates, such as Smart DJ auto-playlists, and the ability to browse, stream, and download music from Zuen Marketplace through the TV (while the Zune HD is connected to the TV via the A/V dock).

The Zune HD 64 will become available at the Zune online store first, then on other retailers at later dates.

Source:  Engadget

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