Zuckerberg Hints Facebook Phone Highly Unlikely

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, dampened the spirits of the people who were itching to have a “Facebook phone” after rumors circulated about how the social networking company hired ex-Apple engineers to develop its own smartphone.

Zuckerberg noted during a conference call that it “wouldn’t make very much sense” to create a Facebook phone.

“Facebook is the most-used app on basically every mobile platform,” he explained to the press. “So when we think about what we want to do right now, we want increase the depth of the experience in addition to just growing users.”

He added: “We want to not just have apps that people use but also be as deeply integrated into these systems as possible. We want to support a development ecosystem where other apps can build on top of Facebook.” Part of this mission, Zuckerberg explained, is the integration of Facebook to iOS.

Despite denials from Facebook’s big man himself, rumors about a FB-branded smartphone continue to persist. A report from Bloomberg claims that HTC would be producing the device, which will include a “modified” operating system, and will be introduced in 2013.

Source: PC World

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