ZTE 005Z Mobile Security For Kids

Most parents would agree that even small kids today may need to have a mobile phone. After all, parents would need to have a means to communicate with their kids while they are away. Kids would also feel more secure having the means to call their parents at any time they might need to. But current phone models are not designed for use by kids. There are newer designs like the ZTE 005Z Mobile Security for Kids that may be a more convenient option.

The new ZTE 005Z is a mobile phone designed with kids in mind. It is a handy mobile phone small enough for kids to bring along with them. What is different with this phone is that it contains only a single button for making a call, making it a convenient approach for kids. The phone is only limited to call a single pre-programmed number which can be the number of either parent.

Not only that, the ZTE 005Z also comes with a security alert system feature. At the sign of any danger, a kid can pull a cord attached to the phone that will enable a loud buzzer to sound that will alert parents nearby. This feature also automatically sends SMS and voice messages which also contain the kid’s location to emergency contacts. Quite a unique mobile phones for kids to have, the ZTE 005Z will initially be only available for parents in Japan through Softbank. It is expected to arrive in March with the service expected to cost 490 Japanese Yen or around US$6 per month.

Image Source: Softbank

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