Zombie Road Trip Android Game App

Since it is about time for the new season of The Walking Dead, any interest about zombies have been revived. People are now again into zombie mode in anticipation of the popular zombie apocalypse TV series. One of the games on Android that zombie fans may like includes the Zombie Road Trip game app.

The Zombie Road Trip is a fun and exciting game app that mixes cars and zombies together. Players get to choose a battle ready car to race and escape the zombie horde. They also have to get rid of zombies on the road using the equipment of your vehicle to fight against them. Ride as fast as you can to avoid getting eaten by the rampaging zombies. Players also get to do a number of amazing car tricks along the way closely similar to Road Warrior.  The Zombie Road Trip Android game app is available at Google Play for free download.

Image Source: Google Play

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