The mode of transformation is slowly changing as technology advances. Electric vehicles are slowly getting recognized as the future in transportation. Another rapidly changing mode of transport is the driver less vehicle. ZMP has introduced such a vehicle with its new RoBoCar MEV.

The ZMP RoBoCar Micro Electric Vehicle (MEV) is an intelligent vehicle that can drive itself. It features a variety of sensors such as laser range finders, a stereo camera, speed sensor and others. This makes it able to navigate on the roads without going off track. It is capable of moving around with a precision measured within 1 to 2 cm.

This MEV is designed as a one-seater and runs on electricity. ZMP is trying to make the RoBoCar available in three different configurations- drive by wire, steer by wire and brake by wire models are to be sold. The brake by wire model is the most expensive and costs around 6.8 million Japanese Yen or around US$81,940. It may be quite costly now but the future might just make it more affordable as this mode of transport catches on.

Image Source: ZMP

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