Ziszor Portable Shredder

People keep secrets. That is a given. Most would not want to leave a paper trail of it, whether it is about making secret purchases or getting rid of those paper scraps with telephone numbers secretly written into them. Highly secretive people will surely welcome having a Ziszor Portable Shredder handy.

The Ziszor Portable Shredder is a handy paper shredder that lets you get rid of any paper trail, effectively and literally. If you have the need to get rid of that purchase receipt you just made. Just take out the Ziszor Portable Shredder out of your pocket or bag and you can render the piece of paper unrecognizable before you trash it. You can also do so with other scraps of paper that hold some of your secrets, like that secret missive from an admirer or a handwritten note from an angry boss that must never see the light of day.

The Ziszor Portable Shredder is a glorified way to getting rid of paper bits and notes that hold sensitive information. Of course tearing paper apart would serve the same purpose. But that is not the way to do it in style. The Ziszor Portable Shredder does it for you conveniently and in less time like no other amount of manual shredding ever can. It requires four AA batteries and comes with three disposable catch bags. You can get it at Neiman Marcus for around US$33.

Image Source: Neiman Marcus

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