Zipz Wines To Enjoy Your Wine On The Go

When you talk about enjoying some fine wine for dinner or, just to accompany friends and colleagues during conversations, you usually talk about bringing a whole bottle for consumption. While beers and alcoholic beverages have moved on to offer several means of drinking off them, wines have not more or less.

There are beers available in cans for a long time now and other alcoholic drinks now available in single serve bottles. But unfortunately, wines still are ideally stored in large wine bottles that allow the wine to age gracefully. And because of that, it is still good for storage purposes, but not always for personal daily consumption while on the go. Zipz Wines aim to provide you with that simple privilege.

Zipz Wines makes use of a unique way of serving wines to wine lovers. The Zipz Wine comes with its own single serve glass filled with wine. Now that you look into it, Zipz Wines has its container designed to look like a typical wine glass to preserve some traditional integrity over its enjoyment. People can start enjoying Zipz Wines by simply peeling off the special plastic wrap surrounding the wine glass shaped container. Once you peel it off, you can remove the lid which also can be snapped at the bottom of the base. The first line of Zipz Wines include a collection of Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Carbernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, all made from California grapes. You can focus now on what types of wines you wish to try out. No need to bring the whole bottle since there is now Zipz Wines available.

Image Source: Zipz Wines

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