Zipit Wireless Messenger 2

Zipit Wireless Messenger 2

An innovative instant messaging device is in your hands with the Zipit Wireless Messenger 2. Also known as Z2, this unique device offers you wireless IM connectivity without the hassle of paying monthly or per message fees. It is a portable Wifi IM device that provides you with access the different IM platforms.

IM’ing has become a preferred mode of communication among people today, especially teenagers. The Z2 offers just that, convenient IM’ing without the hassle of being tied to the home computer to send messages to friends and loved ones. One can enjoy IM with the absence of typical online PC threats such as unsolicited messages, viruses and, for teenagers, access to inappropriate websites.

The Z2 is also capable of providing some added features that make them even more functional than just an average IM device. The Z2 can also be used for entertainment as it is also capable of playing your favorite mp3 music files through its built-in music player, My Tunez. Music files can be stored at a separate miniSD memory card for added convenience. The Z2 also allows users to listen to online radio streams through the Internet. Not only that, the Z2 also allows users to store and view photos and slideshows through the integrated My Photoz feature.

The Zipit Wireless Messenger 2 is a portable gadget that will appeal to most teenagers who have the need to get in touch with friends online on a more constant basis. It is also a useful device in a home with only one PC and with many users. With the Z2 parents may have better access to the home PC and let the teens use the Z2 to continue with their IM’ing. And with no monthly fees or charges to worry about along with an affordable price tag, the Z2 certainly has a bright spot to fill in the world of gadgets.

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