ZINK Integrated Digital Camera Printer

Polaroid PoGo

Do you wonder how you could give a friend a copy of a certain shot that you have taken with your digital camera right on the spot? Well, you might just have to have a photo printer handy to do just that. But it would be quite a hassle since printers can be bulky.

But guess what, there is another option that is available for you. Zink has developed an innovative way of printing digital photos without the use of ink. True to their company name, which also means "Zero Ink", Zink has teamed up with Polaroid to come up with a portable integrated digital camera printer. Called Polaroid PoGo, this unique portable printer can be integrated to any blue-toothed enabled cell phones as well as Pictbridge- compatible digital cameras to produce 2 inch by 3 inch printed copies of digital pictures.

The Polaroid PoGo is the first gadget to make use of the ink-free printing technology developed by Zink Imaging. The company is eyeing other gadgets to be developed in partnership with other manufacturing companies to create products that make use of Zink paper that it has developed. It is one of those innovations that may just take off very soon.

Image Source: Zink


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