Zii EGG by Creative

Zii EGG handheld stemcell computer from Creative

The people at Creative call the Zii EGG as a "handheld stemcell computer."  While we wait for a more detailed explanation, we are pretty much sure that this device functions like an iPhone, only that it does not make calls or send messages.  Instead, you can exploit the power of the Zii EGG to a variety of applications.

The Zii EGG has a 10-point multi-gesture touch screen display with a high-definition output of up to 1080p, a 3D OpenGL ES capability, SDHC card slot that can extend the memory up to 32GB (or 100 digital movies), a VGA camera and a HD camera on opposite sides, text-to-speech capability, and a dedicated GPS chip among a ton of other specs listed on its official site.

This device is now available for pre-order and is said to hit the shelves before September 2009 even begins.

Image source:  Zii.com

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