Zero XU, The Street Legal Electric Motorcycle

Electric vehicles are already being quickly developed for cleaner and greener modes of alternative transportation. This includes the likes of electric motorcycles and scooters. But concerns and certain issues may still bother some consumers such as the availability of recharging facilities as well as their safety on roads. Such concerns are addressed somehow by the new street legal electric motorbike from Zero Motorcycles, the Zero XU.

The Zero XU is the newest addition to the electric motorcycle lineup that has been developed by Zero Motorcycles. This time, the Zero Xu has some features that might make it even more convenient and safer to drive in city streets. Its components as well have been chosen to make it more conducive to use in city streets and roads to make sure that riders may be able to focus more on the ride.

The Zero XU makes use of road-tuned suspension and street tires to make it ideal for use on city streets. But its biggest and most welcoming feature may be its removable power pack. This allows users to remove the motorcycle’s power pack and charge it separate from the other bike parts. Previous Zero Motorcycle models only allow recharging while installed in the motorbike. This new feature will surely make recharging the bike for the next ride even more convenient.

The power pack allows Zero XU to travel at a range of 30 miles for every charge. The power pack can be fully recharged in about a span of two hours. The new Zero XU Electric Motorcycle is now available at Zero Motorcycles for US$ 7,995.

Image Source: Zero Motorcycles

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