Zepp golf sensor helps improve your swing

Zepp golf sensor

Zepp golf sensor

There are many ways for golfers to improve their swing, and it is best to make use of modern gadgets that take your golfing skills to the next level. (In the long run, they are less expensive compared to weekly golf coaching.) The Zepp golf sensor can do just that as it analyzes and helps improve your game.

The device clips into your golf glove and syncs with its propriety smartphone app through Bluetooth. It tracks your every swing and displays a score on each one, which is based on seven components: club speed, hand plane, club plane, degrees of backswing rotation, tempo, hand speed, and hip rotation.

Zepp golf sensor app

The Zepp golf app, meanwhile, features voice commands that enables you to just put on your headphones (with microphone attached) and place the phone in your pocket. (Your smartphone would actually measure your hip rotation.) You can choose your swing goals, whether to just bring your swing to amateur status or make shots like a pro.

The Zepp golf sensor is available for $150. Non-golfers would be delighted to know that it also works with Zepp’s baseball and tennis apps.

Source: Mashable

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