Zeiss Introduces The Cinemizer

Zeiss Cinemizer

The German company Zeiss has created a really cool kind of eyewear that improves iPod and Nokia users’ viewing pleasure.

Introducing the Zeiss Cinemizer, portable home cinema goggles that can simulate a 39-inch display or a meter-sized movie screen at a distance of two meters.

How it works?

The Cinemizer can be connected to, say your N96 super class mobile phone or iPod (any model except for the Shuffle), and provide you with "a unique feature to display the TV signal from the integrated DVB-T receiver." The sound comes out via two flexible earphones mounted to the frame.

The eyewear can be adjusted to fit the user’s head, the bridge of the nose, as well as the ears. For iPod users, Zeiss has created holders to match each iPod model so it can be stored safely during your viewing time.

The Cinemizer gives you up to four hours of viewing time, thanks to its rechargeable battery.

The Zeiss Cinemizer also offers a neat little trick for people with vision problems: short- and farsightedness up to 3.5 D can be set on the video eyewear.

*Specs and Technical Data

Delivery package:

Video eyewear including remote control, battery box, iPod connector, 6 iPod clips, 2 exchangeable nose pads, USB cable (iPod is not included)

Diopter adjustment:

+3.5 to -3.5, each eye separately adjustable

Power supply:

Internal battery (rechargeable, lithium-ion); Charging voltage: supply voltage from USB connection or external power pack; Feed via accompanying USB cable (plug type A to plug type mini B); Voltage: 5 V typical, (6V max.); Power consumption:
450 mA typical, (500 mA max.)

Light source:

Class 1 LED

Battery life:

At least 4 hours with fully charged battery

Charging time:

2.5 hours on average


Material: TR90 (Polyarylamid); Protection class IP40


Battery box ca. 80 g; Glasses approx. 115 g, Approx. 900 g including packaging and accessories


USB jack type mini to charge the battery, 3.5 mm AV jack (4-pin to connect external video sources, see drawing, cable is not included)

Pricing and availability are not yet disclosed.

Image source: Zeiss.com

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