ZAP Alias: Green Electric Car

ZAP alias car

If anyone goes crazy over electric cars, surprise may not be the word for it. It has to be ZAP Alias, that’s for sure. The company that created the Xebra Electric Sedan is going to release a sports car that has a 320 horsepower. This will allow this environmentally-friendly car to go from zero to sixty mph of 5.7 seconds and give it a top speed of nearly 120 mph at 120 miles per charge.

With two in-wheel motors, it’s touted to be even faster than the Porsche Boxster. In addition to this, ZAP is considering to add certain specifications to the car, like a fast-charge capacity and a hybrid range extender. This project was initiated after their electric SUV ZAP-X whose date of release in the markets has already been announced.

Lotus Engineering, a company which aided in developing the Tesla Roadster, lends a hand to ZAP on the drawing board. ZAP further said that it had teamed up with China Youngman Automotive Group-a bus manufacturer- and will be made in the latter company’s assembly lines. Because of that, it will have another brand name when it hits the markets.

As gas prices continue to rise, there is reason to go think why anyone should go ga-ga over electronic cars. Zap Alias, is planned to be released in the markets in mid-2009. Definitely, it is not surprising that green cars are what make the world greener than ever.

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