Zamboni Cleans Your Desk as does on Ice

Zamboni Desk Vacuum

Yep, the popular brand when it comes to cleaning your local ice skating rink comes with a scaled-down version that serves as a desktop vacuum cleaner.

The Zamboni Desk Vacuum from Hong Kong-based Urban Trend does what it is tasked to do:  Getting rid of the dust, eraser shavings, and other icky stuff that could be lurking on your office desk.  But there’s a catch though.  With its size, this desk vacuum could probably not be able to snake through cramp spaces, especially on desks that are piled-up with documents, folders, family photo frames, and other office knick-knacks.  I think an old-fashion rag can do the job better, but that’s just me.

How it costs?  Well, the Urban Trend website does not say.  Try contacting them through e-mail.

Image source:  Urban Trend

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