Z Printer 350 3D Printer

Z Printer 350

3D printing is in fact no longer new to many people who use it. It allows many companies to create 3D copies of design prototypes that they can hold in their hands for further testing and refining. The Z Printer 350 3D printer from Z Corporation tries to up the standard.

Despite its size 48" x 31"x 55" dimensions and weighing 395 pounds, the Z Printer 350 is still one of the most compact printers of its kind around. It is able to come up with design prototypes up to 8" x 10" x 8" dimensions. It is also able to come up fast in terms of 3D printing at .8" vertically per hour. It is a useful machine to have for design firms and is not actually something that you would find in every home. Its $25,900 price tag would virtually make it quite a costly investment for a home although having one would be cool.

Image Source: Z Corporation

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