YUBZ Talk Mobile

 YUBZ Talk Mobile

YUBZ talk mobile basically a throwback to the old way of using phones.

It’s a funky and colorful way of using your mobile phone at home and at work. Simply connect it to your mobile phone and communicate – old school style. Some users however, may need to use an adapter for the YUBZ talk mobile to work properly with their cell phone model. Different models require different adapters. 

It’s not the first thing you’ll think about when looking for useful mobile phone accessories. But it has one outstanding feature – a world-renowned laboratory tested the YUBZ talk mobile and found that it greatly reduces radiation for mobile phone users. Its one-touch button makes it easy for users to answer incoming calls. It also has a digital enhancement to reduce background noise and improve sound quality.

The YUBZ Talk Mobile is available for $44.95, and comes in 9 different colors.

Image source: YUBZ


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