YouTube Movies Adds Titles from Big Studios

YouTube has announced that the popular video-sharing website will add about 3,000 new movie titles for rental in the United States, including reviews and behind the scenes clips.

YouTube Movies partners up with big studios such as NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, and Warner Bros. The new titles expands YouTube’s catalog of classic and indie films. American users can watch their favorite movies right on the PC or Google TV for prices starting at US$2.99.

It is not known whether other devices are supported with this new YouTube feature; and although the site claims it supports resolutions up to 4080p, most of the new titles are in standard definition, which is apparently its partners’ decision. YouTube does not even indicate whether the movie your are about to rent is available in HD.

Nevertheless, people who prefer watching movies on a smaller screen will definitely enjoy the upgraded YouTube Movies.

Source: Official YouTube Blog

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