YouTube live streaming now open for all users

YouTube live streaming now available to all users.

YouTube live streaming now available to all users.

YouTube has been known for channels with high-budgeted production values, but not everyone has time for that. Some would rather vent out rants on live streaming services like Ustream without having to worry about editing their video content and wait forever to upload it.

The video-sharing service has announced they will have just that. YouTube live streaming capabilities will be available to its verified users that are “in good standing”; hopefully that includes you. Google used to provide this service to a handful of partners before opening this option to all. This means even YouTubers who have a few subscribers can have an equal chance to go toe-and-toe with the big ones.

If the YouTube live streaming feature is not available on your account, you may have to wait for up a few weeks before this service rolls out to everyone.

Source: YouTube Creator Blog

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