YouTube Imposes Parental Control

YouTube has introduced a new content filter called Safety Mode that helps parents screen out content they may think as offensive, such as graphic violence and sexually suggestive clips.  Although the popular video sharing website has banned family-unfriendly content in the past like clips featuring underage drinking, animal abuse, and the like, the Safety Mode adds another layer of protection to keep children safe from provocative material.

To put your YouTube into Safety Mode, scroll the bottom of any YouTube page and click “Safety Mode is off” on the bottom left.  Click “On” and “Save” to activate this feature. 

Not only YouTube bars your computer from featuring videos that you find objectionable, it also hides all text comments by default.  To view them, however, simply click “Text Comments,” and see that objectionable words are replaced by asterisks.

However, this filter only works whenever you are logged-in.  Once logged-out, the filter is deactivated, unless prompted by your password.

Source:  PC World

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