YouTube Creators Launch MixBit Video App

MixBit video sharing app

MixBit video sharing app

You think Vine versus Instagram video is already a huge battle of the short-video sharing apps? Wait until the guys behind YouTube step in! Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, two of YouTube’s founding fathers, has launched a free app called MixBit.

Like Vine and Instagram, MixBit lets you upload short videos straight from your smartphone. But it does not just stop there, as not only you can record 16-second-clips (longer than both Instagram and Vine), but also let other MixBit users to edit, splice, and mix your clips with their own. You and your MixBit friends can create new videos up to an hour long.

MixBit video sharing app

Another thing that Vine and Instagram lacks: a functioning web version, allowing you to edit your saved video clips and create projects straight from your desktop. MixBit has that, but you can only record clips from the iOS app. The Android version is expected to be available before September ends.

“ is a community of creators,” Hurley wrote in his blog. “People who want to record and share pieces of their lives and the things they love — concerts, favorite foods, trips to new places, or just hanging out with friends and family — as well as filmmakers, citizen journalists and everyone in between. MixBit is also for people who enjoy playing with video in order to create something new and unexpected.”

Hurley also acknowledge a universal truth in the Internet, saying that MixBit is also “for people who like cat videos.”

Source: CNN

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