YouTube Adds Vuvuzela Sound to Online Videos

YouTube pays tribute to the World Cup 2010 by adding something symbolic to the games being held in South Africa. You guessed it: It’s the vuvuzela, that long plastic horn that either sounds like a chorus of angels or buzzing of flies (depending on how you interpret it).

Ever since the vuvuzela has been introduced by fans in South Africa, where the games are being held, the horn has become an object of conversation and debate among spectators, commentators, and athletes alike. Some say they are nuisance, even petitioning the governing body FIFA to ban the vuvuzelas outright. FIFA, however, ruled to keep them in respect to the host country’s culture.

But if you are like among millions who just could not get enough of that long B-flat note, YouTube fills that need by adding a vuvuzela option on its online videos. Simply click the circle-shaped button on the lower right hand corner of the video frame and you get that everlasting vuvuzela buzz. Click here to experience it.

The vuvuzela button, however, only appears on some videos. But, who knows, the vuvuzela fever might reach far and wide into the YouTube universe.

Source: Huffington Post

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