Your Facebook Likes Reveal So Much About You

So, you “like” Kathy Griffin’s Facebook page. You are most likely to be a gay male. You’re not? But this recent study said so!

Researchers at the University of Cambridge suggests in their study that Facebook users may reveal more about themselves than what they intend to judging by the “Likes” they put. They have conducted their study using the Likes of 58,000 Facebook users and have concluded that, with an accuracy of 80 percent, a person’s Likes may reveal personal details such as sexual orientation, personality traits, political and religious beliefs, intelligence, and even substance use.

The researchers looked through users’ approval for a lot of things like photos, friends’ status updates, as well as pages for books, musicians, and sports. After removing random variables, comparing with user-provided demographic profiles, and other psychometric tests, the study correctly predicted sexual orientation 88 percent of the time, ethnicity 95 percent of the time, and 85 percent accurate in political leanings.

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