YotaPhone appears on Mobile World Congress



YotaPhone, the half smartphone/ half e-reader device from Russia, shows itself at the Mobile World Congress. The device has your usual phone display on one side and a power-saving e-ink screen on the other.

The prototype on display is an improvement of sorts, as it can send images, text messages, and other files to the e-ink screen, making it easier to read and uses a lot less battery power.

The updated version will be available later in the year. Hands-on reviews done on-site see the new YotaPhone as “bigger” than the previous iteration and does not have the “slightly unusual ‘lump’ in the middle.” The device also provides ways interact with the e-ink screen even more. For one, it is now a touch screen as well, compared to the touchpad located near the bottom of the previous YotaPhone. You can now scroll through articles on the e-ink display and even like them on Facebook.

Despite the innovations, it could take a while before the public could get used to the concept behind YotaPhone. The device still has not addressed the issue of accidentally touching the main screen while using the e-ink display. Nevertheless, the device will find its consumers, especially those who like to read books straight from their mobile device.

Source: Mashable

Image source: Mashable

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