Yotaphone: A Smartphone with E-Ink Display at the Back

On paper, you would think that a smartphone with an e-ink display at the back is a gimmick. Some tech analysts, however, think that Yotaphone makes sense.

The Yotaphone’s e-ink display can display anything that appears on the main screen, but because it does not require battery life, these images are displayed even if the phone battery dies.

That novel purpose provides a lot of just-as-novel uses, such as loading your boarding pass on the back screen, store a map or keep directions on the screen, and even load RSS feeds and notifications. You can say that Yotaphone has the potential to become a dual-purpose productivity gadget.

The prototype was demonstrated on CES, which left many attendees impressed. The unit, fresh off the production line, measures 9mm thin, but is expected to be even thinner on its formal launch.

Source: TechCrunch

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