YOOLOX Wireless Charging Power Bank

Gadget-savvy people just can’t have enough power for their portable devices. It is even essential to bring along added power on the go. That is why power banks have become quite popular. These handy power generators are also enjoying their own line of development to make their use even more convenient. Take for example the introduction of the YOOLOX Wireless Charging Power Bank.

Wireless Charging On The Go

The YOOLOX Wireless Charging Power Bank is a handy device that allows users to recharge their portable devices wirelessly. It can do so for smartphones or any other portable device that supports wireless charging. More specifically, this power bank supports the Qi wireless charging standard, which is available for many popular smartphone brands. It is designed with small suction cups on one side that will hold the smartphone in place as it is charging. The power bank is also equipped with a USB a, a USB C, ad a microUSB port for wired charging on other devices that does not support wireless charging.

The YOOLOX Wireless Charging Power Bank also features a Quick Charge 3.0 certified chip inside that increases the charging speed of Android phones for up to four times. This power bank also is developed to adjust at the right temperature automatically in order to prevent charging phones from overheating. The company behind this wireless charging power bank is introducing a 10,000mAh and a 16,000 mAh model as options. There is also a 20,000 mAh power bank in development. The YOOLOX Wireless Charging Power Bank is currently available for pre-order at the YOOLOX website.  The YOOLOX 10k is expected to retail for around 79 Euros or around $92. The 16k model will go for around 129 Euros or around $150. The first power banks is expected to be available by September of this year.

Image Source: YOOLOX

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