Yonanas Ice Cream Treat Maker

Standard desserts for the most part can be a fattening treat with the calories they come with. But there are also healthy alternatives available that can just be as enjoyable. This unique Yonanas Ice Cream Treat Maker can help create those healthy dessert alternatives for you.

Despite is unique sounding name, the Yonanas Ice Cream Treat Maker can actually be the gadget that can help you create those healthy dessert alternatives. That is because this gadget can instantly turn those frozen fruits and flavorings into a healthy and delicious soft serve ice cream. This device churns out anything that is inserted into the chute to produce a treat similar to the consistency of yogurt or soft serve ice cream. It can accept most fruits such as berries, sliced mangoes and even frozen bananas. People can try out a number of unique fruit combinations that they think can become a delicious treat.

The Yonanas can be easily disassembled for cleaning and its moving parts are dishwasher safe. The base plugs easily into a standard AC outlet. The Yonanas Ice Cream Treat Maker is available at Amazon for US$50.

Image Source: Amazon

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