YoGen Handheld Charger

YoGen handheld charger

Chargers can be a convenient device to restore the battery power of your gadgets, but there are situations where charging would be close to impossible.  For instance, having a dead battery while camping is a bummer, especially if there are no wall outlets to plug in your charger.

Enter the YoGen handheld charger by Easy Energy and Fame LLC, which features a ripcord that you pull a few times to charge your digital camera, smartphone, or portable media player.  This light and compact product has an internal alternator that interfaces with an energy-efficient electronic stabilizer that generates power sufficiently enough to restore battery power to your electronic gadgets.  Users can even interchange the connector tips to comply with their connecting device.

The YoGen charger is set to be introduced at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, but it is available now for preorder on its official website for only US$39.99.  You can choose between the traditional black cover or a clear version so you can see the mechanism behind this amazing product.

Image source:  YoGen

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