Yike Bike

Anyone who’s always mobile would only welcome having a portable more of transportation. When walking is not an option, having something to ride on to go places will always be a good idea. Having a Yike Bike may even be better.

The Yike Bike is a unique portable bicycle designed to bring along with you anywhere. It is a convenient foldable bike that is super light and has a small form factor when folded, making it easy to store and carry. But what probably makes it unique is that it is a super light electric bike. A 40 minute re-charge can make it go for 10 km and has a maximum speed of 23 kmh. It’s a wonderful mode of portable transportation, if only it costs a lot less than its US$3,595 price tag. It is available at the Yike Bike site for you to check out.

Image Source: Yike Bike

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