Yelp mobile app now allows users to post reviews

Yelp mobile app, iPhone version

Yelp mobile app, iPad version

As Yelp mobile tries to outcompete the more popular Foursquare, the long-time user-generated local reviews service has finally allowed its members to write full reviews of establishments they are in directly from their mobile devices. The update is now available for the iOS version, in all 22 countries where Yelp is currently available, followed by the Android version. No word yet on whether the BlackBerry and Windows Phone versions would have the update as well.

Apart from the United States, Yelp also provides user-generated reviews for business establishments in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, and the United Kingdom among others.

The update includes a button for reviews, which is placed where users usually click to leave a “tip,” short drafts of their reviews that they have to complete using a desktop or laptop computer. The new version of the Yelp mobile app would still enable users to create tips, but they also are able to edit and post reviews straight from their mobile device.

Yelp mobile app, iPhone version

But in a true Yelp tradition, user reviews remain filtered. If it is too short, Yelp may consider it as a tip and users would have to edit that note to make it longer (and “useful”) enough to be considered a review.

This update aims to get users spend more time in the Yelp mobile app, a growing source of Yelp’s advertising revenue. The company has reported back in January that 40% of its local ads were displayed on mobile devices and 59% of its search traffic came from mobile device (whether it is from the mobile apps or the mobile website).

Perhaps it also intends to regain users they have lost because of Foursquare, Groupon, and Facebook, where they share details about their experiences in a local establishment they have just checked-in.

Source: TechCrunch

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