Yashica FS-500 Pocket Film Scanner

Yashica FS-500 Pocket Film Scanner

You may find yourself with a considerable lot of negative and positive film strips that you keep at home from your analog cameras of days past. Maybe even now, you still use a reliable analog camera now and then for taking pictures with a more classical touch. It might be quite a trip down memory lane looking at these pictures now and then. But keeping all those film strips can be a hassle.

If you have such positives and negatives still left at home that would require proper storage, you might need to properly digitize them. What better way than using the Yashica FS-500 USB Pocket Film Scanner to do the job. This unique and portable device allows you to scan your analog film negatives and positives to store them in a more reliable and digitized format.

Powered through a USB port, the Yashica FS-500 pocket film scanner can scan for up to a maximum scanning resolution of 3600 dpi upon completion. It is also compatible with most of the current photo editing software titles out there. One of the limitations is that it only runs on Windows XP or Vista OS. Another one is that it is currently only available in Japan. Tough luck.

Image Source: Yashica

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