Yamaha VSP-1 Masks Private Conversations with Ambient Noise

yamaha vsp-1 noise generatorThere are several places where conversations toward customers should be in hush tones like in banks, hospitals, and pharmacies, where private–and probably embarrassing–details should not be heard by other people. In contrast, these same places can be very noisy and whispering to customers would be uncomfortable.

Yamaha solves this by adding more noise directed away from locations where private conversations are done. Its VSP-1 noise generator, which was announced earlier this month, consists of a speaker box aimed at masking conversations.

The device features eight specially-tuned ambient noise recordings ranging from seaside, river, and forest. Studies conducted by the company shows that the VSP-1 has able to mask between 47 percent and 89 percent of conversations in four Japanese pharmacies.

The Yamaha VSP-1 noise generator, however, does not come cheap. A single unit costs ¥105,000 (US$1,267) and it will be available in Japan beginning April 20.

Source: Oh Gizmo!

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