Yamaha Releases Electric Bikes for Women

Yamaha PAS series electric bikes

While the United States is beginning to gain awareness about electric cars, Japan is beginning to see a rise of pedestrians riding on electric bikes.  What’s the difference between the electric bike and the traditional bicycle, you say?  For one, battery-powered bikes can boost its speed depending on how hard you pedal.  Some models have motors that only start once you stop pedaling (so you won’t smell like an old sock upon arriving at the office).

Yamaha, one of Japan’s bike powerhouses, has announced that they are coming up with five new electric bikes, all of which are unlikely to be shipped outside the Land of the Rising Sun.  These new models, all part of the PAS series, feature a "smooth driving behavior," especially during acceleration or going uphill.

The bikes weigh between 23.2 and 27 kilograms, all of which are powered by a lithium-ion battery.  Drivers can choose between three modes:  automatic (being able to move around without pedaling), power (speed boosts once the driver pedals harder), and "auto-eco plus" (the slowest among the three modes, but with the farthest distance traveled in a single charge).

The flagship model, the PAS-CITY M, weighs 27 kilos and can run for up to 32km in auto-eco plus mode.  Charging time takes two to three hours.  These new models target women in particular and are available in colors such as "cherry pink" (pictured) and "cosmetic orange."

The PAS series electric bikes from Yamaha range from 104,800 yen (about US$1,140) for the basic PAS S model to 119,800 yen (about $1,300) for the PAS-CITY M.

Image source:  Yamaha, via Crunchgear

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