Yamaha Launches The EC-03 Electric Scooter

The key to make many green gadgets more acceptable to the public is by making them more affordable. Electric vehicles as a primary mode of transportation has not yet caught on mainly because they still remain quite an expensive alternative to the current vehicles running on fossil fuel. Although it may be still years away, many companies like Yamaha have continued on developing vehicles running on cleaner energy sources such as electricity just to move forward little by little.

Along the same lines, Yamaha has recently launched a new electric scooter in the new Yamaha EC-03. It is an electric 50cc scooter powered by a 50V/14Ah lithium ion battery. It has a range of 43km on flat roads per charge. A single charge of the Yamaha EC-03 takes 6 hours using a household outlet. The Yamaha EC-03 e-scooter is set to be made available on pre-order in metropolitan Tokyo around this month and followed by the rest of Japan a couple of months later. Its expected price would range around US$2,850. Its availability in the international market however, has not yet been announced.

Image Source: Yamaha

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