Yale Keyfree Keyless Door Lock

Keeping your home more secure nowadays often relies on using the most recent technology in home security. Even the usual door locks may not usually work that effectively to keep your home more secure. Current options available fr you might be using the Yale Keyfree Keyless Door Lock.

The Yale Keyless Door Lock is unlike the usual thing that ordinary homes are equipped with. It makes use of advanced technology to provide added security to the main entrance of your home. Its features include fake PIN recognition, remote locking for up to 15 meters away, voice alerts as well as creation of multiple codes.

The Yale Keyfree Keyless Door Lock also features better security measures such as triple locking points for a more secured door. The system also features an alarmed keypad that can activate an 80 decibel sound alarm if the keypad lock is cracked or if the wires are being cut. The Yale Keyfree Keyless Door Lock is available at Yale Door for around 284 UK pounds. That is around US$420.

Image Source: Yale Door

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