XYZen Garden

XYZen GardenBeing stress-free seems to be a luxury nowadays. While we now live in a modern world full of conveniences and comfort, it does not seem to follow that people start living a more relaxed life. On the contrary, more and more people are becoming increasingly stressed. Finding ways to relax has become a common pursuit for many people. There are many methods available. One of the unique ways is by using this XYZen Garden.

The XYZen Garden can help people relax by having a portable Zen garden to work with. It is that type of garden that lets people create images or patterns by moving a tool such as a rake in the sand. But this time, users do it with knobs just like a classic Etch-A-Sketch. Just like in the classic toy, two knobs move a pointer in any direction. There is sand that serves as the drawing surface. Just like a real Zen Garden, the XYZen Garden will enable people to create patterns on the sand as a form of meditation. But this time, people do it Etch-A-Sketch style. Depending on how the user turns the two knobs, the pointer follows a path that creates a pattern into the sand. Consider it as a unique and relaxing way to achieve a more peaceful mind.

The XYZen Garden was designed by Jonathan Odom and is a DIY project made out of wood and brass. If you wish to have something similar so you can achieve this unique for of relaxing hobby, you can make it for yourself. There are instructions available for you to make one at Instructables.

Image Source: Instructables

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