XScorch 360 Goes Well With FPS Games

Players who are into first-person shooting (FPS) games on the PC typically control their character with the help of both the keyboard and the mouse .  However, once these games become available in gaming consoles like Xbox 360 , the transition in controls may not be smooth.

This is where the XScorch 360 comes in handy.  It consists of a right-hand mouse to target and a left-wand WASD grip to move.  It also has customizable digital sniper buttons and can be upgraded once a firmware update becomes available.

The XScorch 360 also works on Windows-based PC, while PS3 users need not fret because Bannco (the manufacturer) also offers FRAGnSTEIN FPS controllers.  They are now available at the Bannco’s website with a suggested retail price of US$79.99.

Source:  TG Daily , via CrunchGear

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