Xplore iX104C4HD Tablet PC

Tablet PC’s have recently become popular. But most of the models now available may still e considered sensitive and not designed for use in tough environments. Such tablet PC’s really do have a place in professions where durability and toughness accounts for a lot. That is why there are special Tablet PC’s such as the Xplore iX104C4HD.

The Xplore iX104C4HD Tablet PC is a super tough tablet PC designed for use in tough environments. It is tough enough to withstand 2-meter drops, more than any conventional Tablet PC’s available in the market. It also features AllVue LCD Technology to allow viewing in different lighting conditions. It is also designed to comply with military MIL-STD-810F Standards for mission critical computing. It also features both pen and touch input LCD display. Considering its features and rugged design, the Xplore iX104C4HD Tablet PC may cost considerably more than current models available. There no news yet on when this rugged and tough tablet PC will enter into the market.

Image Source: Xplore Technologies

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