XPAL Solar Egg

Finding ways to recharge those batteries of your portable devices while out and about is getting more and more popular. The most popular means nowadays is utilizing solar energy to do the job. There are unique gadgets such as the XPAL Solar Egg that may do the job for you more conveniently in the future.

The XPAL Solar Egg is essentially a solar charger being launched by a partnership between XPAL and Intivation. The XPAL Solar Egg is being considered as the world’s first high performance solar charger. It is being eyed for high power consumption users. At peak conditions, the XPAL Solar Egg may be able to provide 90 percent battery charge for devices at a four-hour period. It is designed for use on a wide range of devices including mp3 players, mobile phones and digital cameras. The XPAL Solar Egg is set for rolling out around March in selected areas. No news as yet on how much it will cost.

Image Source: Intivasion

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