Xoom Corp Sues Motorola Over "Xoom" Trademark

A San Francisco-based money transfer company filed a trademark suit against Motorola for using the name “Xoom,” which was used in branding Motorola’s first tablet computer.

Xoom Corp. claimed that it has been actively using the name for its website since 2003 and has an “incontestable” trademark to it.

“Through this long online use accessible via computer and mobile devices, Xoom’s trade name and the XOOM products have become associated exclusively with Xoom,” the complaint stated. “Until (Motorola’s) adoption of the Xoom brand without authorization from (Xoom Corp.), Xoom to its knowledge was the only entity using the name or mark for online product offerings.”

Also included in the complaint was how Motorola allegedly hogs the word “Xoom” in search engine searches, which according to Xoom Corp. made it difficult for customers to learn about their financial services.

Representatives of Motorola have yet to respond as of press time.

Source: Digital Trends

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