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XOO Belthttp://www.gadget.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/XOO-Belt.jpgWith people having multiple portable gadgets with them all the time, they certainly have thought about bringing along additional power in case one of them empties out its batteries. But then again, it may be another device to bring along. After all, a power bank or an external battery can also be a hassle to carry along with all those portable gadgets. What if you have another way to charge up your devices on the go without having an additional device to carry with you? Well, that is what UK startup Nifty is trying to develop with its new XOO Belt.

The XOO Belt provides an ingenious means to help you charge your devices through your belt. Yes, superheroes have their power belts and you may someday have one, too. The company aims to create a belt, fixed with layers of cutting-edge flexible battery for power. They aim to have the belt buckle carry a 4mAh battery along with the 1,300mAh that the flexible battery layer can provide. That is a total of 2,100 mAh of standby power to charge your portable devices. The belt comes with either a micro-USB connector or an Apple Lightning cable, depending on your gadget of choice.

The XOO Belt is a device that you wear, freeing up your bag space or even your hands for convenience to do other tasks. You will not even be aware you are wearing it after awhile. Currently, the XOO Belt is up for a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo. If you are interested, a pledge of $155 for their campaign will get you one.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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