Xonix Camera Sunglasses

Xonix Camera Sunglasses

The Xonix Camera Sunglasses is not just your ordinary everyday eyewear. Its coolness factor is even accentuated with features not usually found in ordinary eyewear shades. Just like what its name says, this pair of sunglasses has its own built in digital camera.

The Xonix Camera Sunglasses is equipped with a 1.3 mega pixel digital camera that is built into the sunglass frame. It does away with bringing along your digital camera wherever you go places. In this case, you "wear" your camera with you. The Xonix Camera Sunglasses comes with its own remote control to allow its wearers to use it to click away shots as they look around.

It also has a built-in storage memory as well as rechargeable batteries to power up the camera. Not only that, it is also equipped with an mp3 player. What makes it quite convenient is that all these features are built into the frames of the sunglasses, with no problems and concerns of ever bringing three different gadgets separately especially when traveling. If you just wish to use it to protect your eyes from the sun, the Xonix Camera Sunglasses also have anti-scratch and polarized lenses that offer wearers UV 400 sun protection. Now how’s that for a cool pair of shades?

Image Source: Xonix

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