XMI X-Mini Speakers

XMI X Mini

Although there are a lot of good quality speakers out there, the opposite can be said when it comes to mini speakers. Good quality mini speakers for portable media players are quite few. You can consider the XMI X-Mini to be one of them.

Good portable audio technology comes into play when it comes to creating mini speakers. That is what XMI added into its new X-Mini speakers. Weighing only 52 grams, this mini speaker packs more than just ordinary audio sound. This pocket sized mini speaker offers built-in bass support and comes with its own rechargeable battery.

The XMI X-Mini speaker uses a patented Vacuum Bass technology. The mini speaker can be extended like an accordion which then creates an expandable vacuum that helps mimic the resonance of a sub-woofer, giving the X-Mini its full bodied bass sound and volume. The speaker is extended when being used and closed for compact storage. This mini speaker is available at XMI for US$30.

Image Source: XMI

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